1st grade Penguin Collages

These are easy to do and come out adorable!

We painted our backgrounds with tempera paint.  Then I showed them how to take a pre-cut sheet of corrugated black paper and cut a rainbow (semi-circle, parabola) shape on the top for the penguin’s head.  They we cut and glued the rest of their body (flippers, feet, eyes, pupils.)


Then came the really fun part – we gave our penguins some swag.  They added scarves, hair, a hat, mittens, earrings, bracelets, bows, glasses, snowflakes – anything they thought would give their penguin some personality.


It was awesome to see them dart from their desks to the collage paper with excitement in their eyes.  We problem solved with how to get certain pieces on, and that was fun for me to see how they figured it out.


At the end, I let them pick a few 3D pieces (buttons, sparkly little decorations) to really finish in style.

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