Sew a Softie! Owl Capone

Does summer officially begin once the students are done with their last class? Nope. How about after the last day where teachers clean their rooms and turn in their summer checklist? Closer, but still nope. As a McKinney ISD art teacher, summer doesn’t officially start until after our art teacher professional development. We did some needle felting in our professional development, and that got me in a fiber art mood.

Some years, there’s a summer trend. Last year, it was Sew a Softie. Art teachers far and wide were busting out their needles and thread and stitching together a homemade stuffed animal. How could I resist the wave of adorable stuffed animals being posted and not try it myself?

I hadn’t made one before, but a neighbor hosted a sewing club one night, and I made this stuffed owl that night under her sewing tutelage.

I made a paper pattern and secured it to the fabric with push pins. I attached the front and back inside out by holding it together with my hand and stitching it. I stitched almost the whole thing together but left a small opening so I could stuff it with stuffing.

I turned it the right way (not inside out) and cut and glued the felt beak and eyes. Then I stuffed it all and hand stitched the last section of the owl stuffed animal.

Someone saw it on Facebook and said, “It would be a missed opportunity not to name it Owl Capone.” I agree. Presenting Mr. Owl Capone!

I really want to incorporate how to sew a softie in a class setting. I’m still trying to figure out how to do that. I know the kids would love it!

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