Clay Gnomes (grades 2-5)

My interest forecast was very off when I picked this gnome design for 5th grade clay. No one picked this project to create for their clay project, ha ha. Guess I’ll keep it around just in case I get a student that can’t wait to make one 😂

Grades 3-5 ended up creating free choice clay designs after showing me they clearly understood how to scratch and attach clay pieces together. Another day, gnomes, another day.

Just in case that day is soon, I want to put the details here so I can remember how I made these.

You roll your sphere of clay into a cone and bend the tip of the cone down to create a droop in the gnome’s hat.

You draw a rainbow-type curved line from one (imagined) foot to the other on your cone, and continue drawing along the bottom of the cone in the back.

You scratch and attach your thin, long, rolled clay cylinder to the line you drew into your cone. Then you smooth the clay cylinder into the cone, creating his hat brim.

You attach a small sphere for the gnome’s nose (gnose?), and then you super scratch scruffy beard texture into his beard. Have fun!

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