Marigolds from Mexico Kindergarten Paintings

I adjusted Laura Lohmann‘s (@paintedpaperart) Berthe Morisot project for Kindergarten. I saw last year that some kindergartners at other schools painted the original project but thought “no way!” Well, I gave it a try with kindergarten this year and was so happy with their creativity.

We used 4×4 construction paper. I precut pink and yellow but might skip the pink next time. So many students who picked pink construction paper also painted pink for their backgrounds too, pinked out.

I demo’ed how to paint the black circle and leaf outlines. I really emphasized painting the circles big where they almost take up all the paper.

Once they wrote their names on the back, painted in the black outlines, put up their paintings in the right place, and washed their hands and desks, it was time to go. No one felt rushed or stressed with this pacing.

We added color to the black outlines the following week. Everyone was successful. I was so excited to let these sparkle in the halls.

For supply distribution, I passed out the paint brushes and gave each student white plus another color. We only used two tempera paint colors at a time on a magazine sheet, then folded it in half like a book so it doesn’t get all over the place (learned that the hard way) before getting another set of white plus another color.

They painted the marigolds yellow and orange. This is now one of my favorite kindergarten 2 day class projects.

Have fun painting!

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