Kindergarten Painted Torn Paper Owls

I’m so grateful to have discovered this gem of an art project from Mr. Giannetto. It’s a good project for drawing shapes, tearing paper, cutting, gluing, and creating owl personalities.

We used it as a great intro to painting procedures. I take a whole day practicing painting procedures with the kindergartners. We go into great detail with how to hold a paintbrush (like a pencil or a crayon, not like a hammer 😂 ), how to use paintbrushes carefully and safely, what not to paint with our paintbrushes, where to put dirty paintbrushes when done, how to put paintings in the drying rack, and how to wash hands and tables when done. It’s a big set of concepts that we practice before we start.

The artists paint 3 colors onto their paper that we later use to tear with brown construction paper to make the owl feathers.

After the paper has dried, the students draw a big oval on their papers. They fill their ovals with torn painted paper and torn construction paper and glue them down.

I draw circles for the yellow eyes and they cut them and glue them. I stamp out black smaller circles and they glue them onto the yellow eyes. They the line up with their art and take their turn one at a time using a Qtip to dot their white highlights onto their eyes.

I precut orange strips of paper for their owl legs and owl claws. They tear them to the right size and glue them.

I precut the orange squares for beaks. I demo how to fold them to create a folded triangular beak. It’s a tricky concept for kindergartners, so any way they end up getting their beak on works great.

We add sections of torn paper for the wings and the plumicorns (earlike feathers on the owls. )

We touched our eyebrows and felt how they moved positions as we practiced making sad faces, happy faces, mad faces, and surprised faces. Then they cut precut strips of black paper for their owls’ eyebrows. This really packs on the owl’s personality.

We glued on stamped out stars onto the background. We used this as a great time to practice glue stick procedures to use the glue stick right onto their paper instead of dragging a small star across the glue stick’s sticky surface. No sticky hands is the goal.

Stamped flowers were optional as a finishing touch. They were so proud of them when they’re done, and they learned a lot in one art project. Thanks for sharing Mr. G!

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