4th grade Texas Alamo Watercolor Paintings

Yeehaw!  This project was inspired from having to rush more than I wanted for as we created our clay Alamos.  I wished we could spend lots more time and maximize our creativity as we made our own unique Alamos.  If only there was a way to do that…  Presto!

FullSizeRender(141)So this was an extension of our clay Alamos – the Alamo never needs to be rushed.  Each artist drew their Alamo and gave it their own twist.  We started with pencil drawings, then went drew over our pencils marks with Sharpies, then erased any stray pencil marks that didn’t get covered by the Sharpie.  Lastly, we painted.

FullSizeRender(140)This project takes about a month (4 class periods since I see them only about 40 minutes a week factoring in coming in and cleaning up).  Remember the Alamo!









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