5th grade Clay Alamos

I usually teach clay Alamos to the 4th grade artists since that’s when they really hit Texas history hard and also go on a field trip to the state capital. During my first year at a school that had an existing tradition of making the same clay project several years running, I decided to change it up and make embossed and engraved metal artworks of the Texas missions. I was very happy with how they turned out, but traditions die hard.

I decided that to keep the tradition going, so when that group’s 4th graders were in 5th grade, we made the beloved clay Alamos. We used the same cardstock templates I made for 4th, and they added their own clay details after they cut the Alamo facade out of clay.

I love how a year’s difference was noticeable in the level of craftsmanship and creativity for this project. Enjoy!

Please tag me at @wowartproject on Twitter or @juliaforsythart on Instagram with how yours turn out 😀

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