Create Your Own Sculpture Scavenger Hunt

Big thank you to Ava at @msavasartroom on Instagram for creating and sharing such a fun art challenge. I decided to give it a try to give my students a better understanding of how to approach it and had a good time.

@msavasartroom sculpture scavenger hunt

In her challenge, she offers general choices for you to collect that she artfully arranged on the page, treasure map style. I collected what caught my eye from each category. I especially liked the choice “something from outside” because I might have kept it to indoor materials without that suggestion. The outside parts of the found object art gave it a feel that wouldn’t have happened without the organic parts.

I enjoyed the gathering steps as much as the building steps. Once I finished it, I took a look back and saw that the challenge asked how I could attach them for a sculpture. Oops, I didn’t attach them. They were more just artfully arranged for a portrait. So deciding how to attach these pieces could be another step to take it further if I wanted to.

I like that all the pieces are here for further exploration if I wanted. I could rearrange them and create something completely new. I can also continue adding if I see something shiny and enticing.

Happy gathering and building! I’m excited to see what you create.

Close up of the eye with printed word eyelashes

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