3rd grade Clay Frogs from El Salvador

Kids – all of ‘em! – love working with clay. Clay project time is an extra exciting time for art students and the art teacher.

Party Frawg

We had so much fun creating our frogs. Their clay frogs’ playful personalities reminded me of Oscar Wilde’s quote that “all art is a self portrait.” It was a joy witnessing the students’ own personalities shine through in their creations.

Stylin’ Frog

Some students from my school are from El Salvador, so we wanted to learn more about the country. We studied El Salvador’s volcanos, coffees, and vast variety of wildlife, but we were intrigued with their poisonous frogs. We studied them before we created our frogs.

Ballin’ Frog

Then we created our own frogs. Let the games begin!

Artsy Frog with beret and paint palette

Next step is glazing them, woohoo.

Love how she wields her paint palette like a shield
Rapunzel Frog
Frog under attack from bugs
Happy Frog
Well Accessorized Frog
Frog in her bucket hat
Face Mask Frog
Frog with Bunny Tail
Frog Chilling in Chair
The smallest frog sitting in the smallest flower perched on the smallest lily pad
Frog Wearing a Pokeball Hat
Beware Frog, I see an Among Us character lurking behind you
Froggie Class Pic 1
Class Pic 2
Class Pic 3
Class Pic 4
Class Pic 5
Teacher Examples
Teacher Examples
Teacher Examples
Teacher Examples
Teacher Examples
Teacher Examples
Teacher Examples
Kiln View
Kiln View

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