2nd grade Abstract Paintings from Howardena Pindell Circle Collages

We spread out painting our abstract paining into 2 painting sessions with 2 types of paint. The compositions seemed to still be missing something so the students added colors, numbers, and drawings to their paintings with markers for the last step. They looked wonderful with all of those together.

I stamped out the circles for the students from their painted paper but they still had a ton of unused gorgeous paintings left over. That was criminally unacceptable, so we tried an idea I had to remedy it.

Most pages had 2 or 3 2” circles of negative space cut out but the rest of their 9” x 12” painted paper was gorgeous and pristine. I had the idea of flipping it to the back, drawing a wavy line around the circles and the edge and creating an organic shape for their painting to turn into.

Cutting it out would give you a large piece of painted negative space and a small border where it was cut out of the frame.

We glued the larger organic painted shape onto construction paper, and we filled the negative shape of the frame with construction pieces. 3 projects in one! No waste, woohoo!

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