4th grade Eagles Soaring

This year I wanted each grade level to create art to be displayed for Veteran’s Day. So each grade level worked on a different project. We tried to learn how to draw the American Coat of Arms, but it was way too advanced for 4th grade. So much complaining and frustration, no thanks. We changed our goal to draw only a majestic eagle at the beginning and go from there.

Joining in with the Art Hub for Kids family as they draw is a rare treat in art. I knew his video would be just challenging enough for the artists to be able to master this drawing.

It took us 2 class periods to get it fully drawn with pencils. Then we traced over our pencil drawings with black Sharpies.

After that, we added color with the wonderfully brilliant Mr. Sketch scented markers. Smells like creativity…

Some students colored theirs whimsically. Others chose to color theirs traditionally. We have several students at our school who speak English and Spanish. It was a delight to see them reference their heritage through their art.

Once they were drawn and colored, the students continued their creativity by using Popsicle sticks in their designs as flag handles or as fan handles.

This student created a secret pouch to put notes in for her mom.

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